"Let's make this next shoot a bit easier"

Well that was the kiss of death!

Often the hardest thing about a location shoot is managing the location, especially if it's open to the public, has specific opening and closing times or is full of priceless artefacts (see previous post ).

So we thought we'd make life easy for ourselves on the next Westender shoot by using an environment we could completely control, the very grand main hall of the Arthouse Building which just happens to be where our office is.

What we didn't count on was a marathon going through the centre of Glasgow on the morning of our shoot making it impossible to get anywhere near our very own place of work.

We circumnavigated the globe and thousands of sweaty runners in fancy dress and parked as near as we could possible get without breaking the police tape, but we were still on the wrong side of the road. It was then a case of gathering what we could and making a run for it. In a scene that resembled 3 crazy cowpokes trying to cut across a heard of stampeding buffalo we managed to make it equipment in hand across the road and up to the location. Our model on the other hand...

Linzi our model wasn't quite sure where the office was, which would have been fine any other day of the week, we could have helped with some straight forward directions, but today was not that day. After a tour of the lesser none parts of Glasgow followed by a treacherous game of frogger and a rescue mission headed up by Suz our editor, Linzi arrived safely at the shoot.

After that it has to be said things went swimmingly. This shoot was all about the coat, titled "Get Your Coat..." (subtitle - Fur Coat And Nae Knickers) so in terms of turn around it was literally a change of coat, shoes and accessories as that was literally all our model was wearing. Vivienne had done a great job in procuring a variety of cool coats and accessories while Suz had outdone herself on selecting some seriously sexy shoes. Terri gave us a variety of hair and make up looks to make sure each shot had a real individual identity. As usual the team hit the nail on the head and smashed it!

After her stressful start to the day Linzi was fantastic. Fearless, taking instruction brilliantly and coming up with a great selection of shapes and poses with each press of the shutter.

Note to self, check diary for any major sporting events next time!

Check out the results here.